Simple Opensource Solutions

Opensource Software/Hardware Used for Projects:
  • *Debian 12
  • *Proxmox VE
  • *IPFire on Protectli VP2410
  • *Go Fiber + HTMX + PicoCSS + Surreal
  • *SvelteKit/Skelton Serverless
  • *RPA for Python
  • *Redis Database
  • *PostgreSQL Database and pgAdmin
  • *OpenMediaVault 6 on Raspberry Pi 4
  • *NGINX (Reverse Proxy)
  • *LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project)
  • *FOG (Free Opensource Ghost)
Why make this site?
To see how far inexpensive and yet robust practices can be taken. This was built using SvelteKit and deployed on Cloudflare Pages. Preference is to build more complicated applications using Go + HTMX.
What is the end goal of the projects being created here?
Right now this site is a sandbox for creation to help me learn a Full Tech Stack. As I create more project they will be added to the site. They will be in the top bar or Menu.
Why self host the API and Database?
Self hosting is always the cheapest option in the long run. It's always going to be more expensive to host your database and computations in the cloud. Relational Databases don't scale horizontally either, but that changes when looking at Redis. Having full control and ownership over the Database and API layer is a security plus.
Site Made With

SvelteKit: Frontend Metaframework

Skeleton: Svelte Component Library

SvelteKit + Skeleton is a perfect union allowing for the creation of functional and beautiful websites with minimal effort.